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Love ’em or hate ’em, we can’t deny that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a force to be reckoned with. With a combined net worth of just over $155 million they are the definition of a celebrity powerhouse. They say money can’t buy happiness, but Kim and Kanye sure try. The couple spent over $3 million on their lavish Italian nuptials which featured a performance by Andrea Bocelli! But the most extravagant ceremony couldn’t hide their unhappiness, even on their honeymoon! Has Kim made a big mistake yet again?

1. Kanye & Kim’s Honeymoon Was a Disaster

Kim and Kanye miserable in Ireland

Following the Kimye marriage, the couple spent 10 days in Ireland to celebrate their new life together. Kim hoped the pair would travel somewhere warm and exotic. Kanye had insisted on somewhere with history and culture. Insiders say Kim looked miserable when she first arrived at the castle where the couple had planned to stay. Staff said she was complaining about the phone reception as soon as she got out of the car. Kim and Kanye made so many elaborate demands for their stay and the staff had done their best to accommodate every one of them. But Kim looked distant and distracted. Rumor has it, the poor cell phone reception was what caused them to pack up and leave the beautiful estate the next day! Kim spent her days in Ireland inside, watching lots of movies because she hated going to the art galleries and museums with Kanye. Kim even asked for a honeymoon re-do when they arrived home! Talk about starting off on the wrong foot – or in this couple’s case, in the wrong Louboutin.

2. Kanye & Kim Can’t Agree on How Many Children They Want

Kim and Kanye looking distant

Kim really wants to have another baby soon, but Kanye disagrees. Kim knows she’s getting older and has always wanted a large family of her own. However, Kim and Kanye are not on the same page at all. Kanye is busy traveling around the world on tour and he doesn’t think now is the best time to welcome a new baby to the family. Kim is upset, because she thought Kanye wanted another baby right away, like she does.

3. Kanye Thinks Kim Relaxes Too Much

Kim lounging in Mexico

Kim and Kanye are both known for their incredible work ethic, but Kanye teeters on the line of a workcoholic. Lately, Kanye has been critizing Kim for spending too much money on vacationing. Kanye loves to work and can’t understand how someone could just lounge around for days doing nothing. Kim totally disagrees. She thinks she’s worked hard over the past few years and definitely deserves some R&R.

4. Kanye Is Too Controlling

Kanye demands Kim to stop smiling in photos

It has been reported that Kanye is a complete control freak and that he wants Kim to be perfect. Kanye definitely holds the reins in their relationship, and dictates everything! He controls how much money the couple spends, where they travel to. He makes decisions in some of Kim’s business ventures, and he even tells her what to wear! His latest demand is for Kim to stop smiling when they’re photographed together. We all know that Kanye has a temper, so Kim basically does what ever he says. This is very unhealthy behavior for any couple. Kim will never be happy if she doesn’t speak up for herself.

5. Kimye Cannot Build a Home Together

They're selling their dream home

Usually couples are thrilled to start building their lives together after tying the knot. But Kanye and Kim have been having a tough time agreeing on anything, especially when it comes to constructing their million dollar mansion. It was recently reported that the pair are planning to sell the $11 million Bel Air estate they took months renovating, because they’re both huge perfectionists. Kim and Kanye haven’t been able to remodel the home to meet their standards and have decided flipping it is the best option. A house doesn’t make a home, but it would be a start for Kim, who’s been living with her mom for the past year!

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