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When each partner is worth millions of dollars, it’s not surprising that celebrities decide to sign prenuptial agreements before saying “I Do.” But what is surprising are the conditions that some stars have agreed to if the marriage doesn’t last. Read through eight of Hollywood’s craziest celebrity prenups and let us know which one startles you the most.

1. Beyonce and Jay Z

Queen B and Jay married in 2006, but with rumors of infidelity, the power couple have had a rocky relationship over the past few years. If Jay and B do split, their prenup conditions grant Beyonce a cool $5 million for every child she bears as well as $1 million for every year the couple is married. Although prenups are often thought of as foreshadowing the end of a relationship, Beyonce has said, “It’s not very romantic, but I think from our point of view dealing with the kind of fall-outs when relationships go wrong it is a very practical thing to do. If it’s dealt with sensitively it doesn’t have to make any difference to the relationship.”

craziest celebrity prenups
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