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It’s nearly Thanksgiving, the one time of year we travel hundreds of miles to be with our families so that we can spend Christmas with the people we really like without enduring a whole lot of extra guilt. If you find yourself surrounded by family this November, there’s no better way to endure the togetherness than to cozy up and force them to be quiet while you watch a good movie. Here are ten suggestions designed to please even the harshest of critics.

10. Four Brothers

Have an action movie fan in the house? Get the kids out of the room and throw on John Singleton’s Four Brothers, starring Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film unravels with breakneck speed (and awesome action) as four adopted brothers look for the person responsible for their mother’s death on and around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Four Brothers

9. Dutch

One of Ed O’Neil’s rare film roles, Dutch follows a gruff but well-meaning oaf as he transports his girlfriend’s spoiled son home for the Thanksgiving holiday. A rare film that’s as funny as it is heartfelt, Dutch showcases a side of the Modern Family star that’s wasn’t captured on film until recently.

Dutch movie poster

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