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Unlike a lot of other art forms, filmmaking is a genuinely collaborative effort. There’s no such thing as complete control on a movie set. Though the final product hits theaters looking cool, calm, and deliberate, movies are often impacted by the unforeseen. The best creative talent doesn’t run from these events, they embrace the chaos and use it to improve their film. There are dozens of examples of movies that have generated some legendary moments because the people on and off screen were willing to roll with the punches and make the most from what they were given. Here are some of the most memorable.

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

In one of the climactic scenes of 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones surprises his Nazi counterparts with an RPG. The intrepid adventurer threatens to destroy the Ark of the Covenant unless they meet his demands. Unfortunately for Jones, however, his professional nemesis, Belloq doesn’t take the bait. As he steps forward to call Jones’ bluff, a close-up reveals that a fly has landed on the face of actor Paul Freeman. It lingers there for a few moments before flitting off. Freeman, who didn’t think anyone else had noticed, kept delivering his lines. They noticed.


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