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Every year, more than 700 films are released in Hollywood. That number is steadily rising, which means that movies have to work harder and harder (and get bigger and bigger) to make the same impact. That sheer amount of competition and the growing number of competitors means the films that have managed to take home world records have accomplished something extraordinary. Sure, not all of the following movies are spectacular — I mean, we’re kicking things off with a Pirates of the Caribbean movie — but each of them has done their part to earn a spot in the annals of Hollywood history. At least, for as long as their records stand.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

You forgot about this Johnny Depp misfire from a few years back, didn’t you? Well, history hasn’t forgotten, because On Stranger Tides holds the record for the most expensive film ever made. With a production budget of $378.5 million, the film’s billion dollar gross doesn’t seem like quite the windfall that it would at first appear. What’s worse, that record is actually in question, because Avatar has a reputed, but unconfirmed budget of $425 million.


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