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Ah, November. The weather is colder, the air is crisper, and studios start clogging your local cinemas with film fare designed to appeal the awards-hunting crowd. For some moviegoers, it’s the best time of the year. The films are challenging, thought-provoking and high-caliber. For others, though, the fall and winter movies are a minefield of potential boredom and artsy-fartsy condescension. However, not all art is a chore, and 2015 promises to deliver some truly engaging quality films that aim to prove that Oscar contenders don’t have to be a total slog. Read on to find out our 10 favorites!

1. Creed

Okay, so it’s been years since a Rocky movie has been artistically relevant. But don’t sleep on Creed, the latest step in the boxing franchise from relative newcomer Ryan Coogler. Just remember that the last time this kid and star Michael B. Jordan teamed up, they put out the beautifully stirring testament to life, Fruitvale Station. The original Rocky won the Oscar for Best Picture, so forget those sub-standard sequels and give this a chance.

Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan
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