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In current Hollywood, few directors can guarantee a film a million-dollar opening weekend like Michael Bay. The man behind the Bad Boys and Transformers series, Bay has churned out popcorn classics for the last twenty years with almost mechanical efficiency. How has this quiet man figured out how to make an entire filmography that meets success at the box office? Because he basically only makes one movie, over and over and over again. If you’re not looking closely, it seems like Michael Bay has concocted a series of diverse(ish) films about everything from killer comets to giant robots to surly soldiers. If you pay close attention, however, you’ll notice that there are some things you can absolutely count on seeing whenever you sign up for a Michael Bay flick.

1. A ‘Network’ Is Going to Get Hacked

It might be a major plot point, as when Ewan McGregor sneaks into the bad guy’s headquarters to hack the network and expose the truth in The Island, or it might be one part of an action scene like at least once in every single Transformers movie. One thing is sure, though, somebody’s vague computer thing-y isn’t secure and someone else is going to make them pay for it, hacker-style.

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