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The original Shrek film came out in 2001, and when Shrek 2 was released it became the highest grossing animated film of all time. The franchise went on with Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter. But the love for Shrek did not end there. Instead, it seems like people just can’t get enough of the jolly green ogre. The internet is full of Shrek jokes and memes, and you can buy pretty much anything with Shrek’s face on it. Some people just can’t get enough, and it veers towards weird. Here are some of the wackiest ways that people are keeping their Shrek obsession alive.


1. Shrek slippers aren’t just for kids

Some Shrek fans are probably at home right now rocking these ogre slippers.


2. These people actually got married in Shrek garb

Talk about commitment. Or should they be committed?


3. Some fans aren’t afraid to drop the cash with Shrek bling

What Shrek fan’s life would be complete without a diamond encrusted Shrek necklace?


4. There’s a lot more Shrek ink than you might think

Why just love Shrek in silence when you can scream it to the world? Love is meant to be expressed after all. For some people, rocking a Shrek tattoo is just the permanent way to do it.


5. Shrek costumes abound as well

If a tattoo is too much of a commitment, you can always just throw on a Shrek face and hands and go about your a day.


6. Some Shrek things are pretty unexpected

How about a cow statue painted up like Shrek to liven up a field? You certainly don’t see that everyday.


7. Shrek can also be seen live

The live-action Shrek musical is a must-see for any fan.

Shrek live

8. A Shrek car makes a very bold entrance

Other people prefer to pimp out their rides with a Shrek-decked car. You know you’re a serious fan if you drive this baby.


9. Nothing classes up wine like Shrek

There’s always the option of drinking wine out of hand painted Shrek glasses as well. They’re sure to impress the guests.


10. Shrek cakes are a given

No true Shrek fan would dare have a birthday party without a Shrek cake.


11. Wearing a normal hat would just be a wasted opportunity

A whole Shrek mask can be a little claustrophobic for daily life, so some fans prefer to don just a snuggly Shrek cap to convey their love.


12. Shrek nail art doesn’t last forever, but it looks very Shrek-y while it does

You need a little skill to attempt this at home.


13. Some fans have naturally created Shrek themed anime


14. Shrek tastes great too

Fans of the ogre can munch away with these Shrek-colored cookies.


15. Shrek fans prefer to take notes with Shrek pens


16. Some fans choose to decorate with 3-D Shrek wall art

Those really offset the curtains nicely.

Shrek wallpaper

17. Nothing like kicking up your heels in a pair of Shrek Crocs

Just when you thought these shoes couldn’t get any uglier.

Shrek shoes

18. No kitchen is complete without a vinyl Shrek/relish display


19. The best Christmas gift

Shrek fans will forget the traditional ugly Christmas sweater and go for a Shrek ugly Christmas sweater instead.


20. Of course there are all kinds of Shrek phone cases out there

Some even include little quotes on them.


21. Shrek swamp juice is pretty popular

At one resort in Orlando you can actually have a burp-inducing Shrek feast. Looks delicious!


22. Any screen can be outfitted with some Shrek photos

There are all kinds of Shrek wallpapers out there that Shrek fans use to decorate their computer and phone homepages, for when photos of family or pets just doesn’t cut it.


23. There are countless Shrek gifs to animate your life

You can be mesmerized for hours with this endless loop.

Shrek gif

24. Then there’s the Shrek soundtrack

Worth it for Antonio Banderas’ version of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” alone.

Shrek CD



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