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3. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford parlayed his role as Han Solo into the legendary Indiana Jones franchise and became a bona fide A-lister action star. He is clearly the biggest star to emerge from the original Star Wars trilogy and has sustained a blockbuster career throughout the years. Including Witness, Fugitive, Patriot Games and Air Force One, Ford is one of the top movie stars of the last few decades. Now 73-years-old, he’s slowing down a bit, but everyone looks forward to seeing Han Solo again in the latest Star Wars flick. The actor, who suffered an on-set injury when his foot was fractured in the Millennium Falcon, is doing some press for the upcoming film but is remaining strategically tight-lipped about it. “What is there to say?” he said on Kimmel the other week. “And why would you want to say anything? I want the audience to experience it. I don’t want them to hear anything about it.” We get what he’s saying, but we’re all dying to know!

Harrison Ford
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