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Charlie Sheen Sued By Ex Scottine Ross After Going Public With HIV Prognosis

Charlie Sheen is making history once again, but probably not in the way that he was hoping. After going public with his HIV diagnosis a few weeks ago, the actor claimed his honesty was an attempt to end the large number of blackmail attempts from those people looking to profit off of his illness. Well, it seems that the ploy has backfired in a big way as Sheen has just become the first man in history to be sued as a result of his HIV diagnosis.


As soon as the former bad boy revealed that he had contracted the life-threatening (and highly contagious) illness, rumors began to circulate that Sheen hadn’t been entirely honest with the parade of women marching through his bedroom. Those rumors seem to have been confirmed after yesterday’s suit was filed in California Superior Court.

Sheen’s former porn star fiancé Scottine Ross (who performed under the stage name Brett Rossi) is suing Sheen for “for assault, negligence and emotional distress.” Contradicting previous claims from Sheen that he “always led with condoms and honesty” when talking women into the sack, Ross claims that she and the former sitcom star had sex five or more times before he revealed his diagnosis. She also claimed that the 50 year old kicked and choked her on numerous occasions, and that he forced her to have an abortion over the course of their 1-year relationship.

Ross is looking for an undisclosed amount of money as a result of the suit. At the moment, Sheen’s camp has provided no response to the allegations.



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