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Earlier in the week the news broke that singer Camila Cabello was leaving the girl group Fifth Harmony, and now the rest of the girls are explaining where things went wrong.


Apparently, the trouble started when Camila recorded her first solo song, 2015’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes. The group admits that she started to distance herself from the rest of them and that they tried to schedule counseling sessions and interventions to get her to stay.

The group’s intention was to get “one more album of her time” before she walked out completely. Camila’s manager officially informed them about her intention to leave, so they knew that their recent Jingle Ball Performance would be their last together.

The remaining members of Fifth Harmony, however, remain committed to each other and the group.

“To watch Camila walk away from this special world we’ve built with you is tough but we will move forward together. We are excited to continue to put positivity into the world and light into people’s lives. The four of us recognize that we would be NOTHING without Fifth Harmony.”



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