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Forbes Has Been Criticized for Calling Kylie Jenner ‘Self-Made’

Earlier this week, a Forbes issue was released where Kylie Jenner was referred to as a self-made billionaire on the cover. The reality star and business mogul is currently worth $900 million with earnings from her beauty line and other work combined, but is expected to pass the billion-dollar mark within the year. However, some people don’t consider Jenner’s rise to success entirely self-made.


Obviously, Jenner was born into the very rich and in the current landscape, very powerful Kardashian family. Kylie Jenner has been starring on the family’s TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians since she was a young child. Jenner has managed to leverage an impressive business out of her fame, and is actually worth way more than big sister Kim Kardashian who led the way before her. But many people don’t feel like Jenner’s success is relatable since she was born into an usually ripe situation to run with whatever she might have felt like.

People have been tweeting their concern.

Even the dictionary has gotten involved.

Kylie Jenner has managed to start and run Kylie Cosmetics on her own, she owns 100% of the company. But, that’s because she didn’t need any investments because she already had plenty of money to invest in her own business. Jenner also had the money to change her appearance dramatically, and it was the plumping of her lips that brought in the attention that created a market for her lip kits. The lip kits were the first beauty products that she sold, and with the success of those sales she just kept on creating new products. People are eating them up. Whether or not 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is really self-made, she is on track to become the youngest billionaire of all time, female or male, in any industry.


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