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13 Celebrities Turned Politicians Besides Trump

In modern times its easy to blur the lines between celebrities and politicians. The media often puts our elected officials in the spotlight much like Hollywood actors are, and we gossip about them on social networks like pop stars. Those that know how to market their cult of personality win votes, so media savvy has become an essential part of the political game. However, it’s still not often that famous entertainers jump between the glitzy world of show business into that of stuffy suits and PC censorship. However, there are a few who have successfully done so and some might surprise you. It remains to be seen if The Apprentice star Donald Trump’s political aspirations pan out.

1. Jerry Springer

The name Jerry Springer is synonymous with the crazy antics of guests and raw style of his popular talk show The Jerry Springer Show. With everything from fist fights to crushing reveals, and of course the famous “You are not the father” moments, fans have eaten up every moment either as ardent supporters or as a guilty pleasure. However, before he was host, Springer was Cincinnati’s mayor from 1977 to 1978. When your mouth closes from the shock, note that the TV-personality has also appeared as a Broadway Actor in Chicago, and The Rocky Horror Show, along with numerous television series.

Jerry Springer
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