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On January 21, 2017, the Women’s March Against Trump took place in various cities across the globe. An estimated 3.3 million women, men, and children came out in droves with their protest signs and creative costumes. Although the message they were trying to get across was no laughing matter, many of the attendees displayed their creativity by making some hilarious, shocking and rather strange protest signs. Here are few of the most memorable ones.


do not enter

Cringe worthy artwork, but very creative.


trump hates this sign

Even if it’s not true, it’s still pretty funny.


you care about fetuses

Very clever. Bravo.


not my cheeto

Cheetos are not amused.


straight white guys

Straight white guys came out to lend their support.

San Francisco

im not less valuable

Women are just as valuable to society.


all causes

All causes wrapped into one sign.


u cant touch this

Leave our uteruses alone!

Los Angeles

my rules

This woman deserves the right to control her own organs.


good mourning

Good mourning indeed.


not usually a sign guy

Even the non-sign people felt compelled to make signs….geez…

Los Angeles

99 problems

He may have way more than, but you get the point.

Los Angeles

cat lovers against trump


Los Angeles

pay your taxes

Shouldn’t we all have to pay up?


ugh america

Three letters is all she needed to get her point across.

Los Angeles

beyonce 2036

Is it possible?


can't believe

Same here.


make racists afraid again

Let’s get them shaking in their boots!


boy bye

This artwork is golden.



Genius. Simply genius.

Los Angeles

make america think

Are we thinking yet?

Los Angeles

not up for grabs

Keep your hands to yourself!


make america kind again

Kindness always wins.

Los Angeles

we are family

…Get up everybody and sing!


putins poodle

And the gold star goes to…

Los Angeles

we are watching

This intricate design definitely caught our eyes.

Los Angeles

a womans place is in govt

That’s right!

we are strong

An adorable little girl sends a big message.

literally get away from me

Literally the best sign ever.

Los Angeles

fundamental rights

Making Madonna and all women proud.

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