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One of the sneakier aspects behind the success of the Star Trek series is that for some strange reason the future was populated almost entirely with ridiculously good looking people (or aliens or cyborgs, as the case may be). No disfiguring diseases, no blemishes, no bad hair days. It’s a pretty easy philosophy to subscribe to. But when it really comes down to it, who is the elite among the various crews of these intrepid Federation vessels? Who among the various incarnations of this immortal TV franchise is the hottest of the hot? Here, for your consideration, are the sixteen hottest male and female cast members in Star Trek television history.

16. Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell played Jadzia Dax, the complicated Trill on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For six seasons, she was a mixture of sweet and wise that could only be achieved when you’re a young lady symbiotically bonded with an ancient Swiss army knife of an alien. She got but a few brief moments of bliss with Worf before getting offed in the season finale because she wanted to pursue a part in the Ted Danson sitcom Becker.

Terry Farrell

15. Jonathan Frakes

Oh, Number Two, the stalwart second-in-command on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Few people in the Federation could flash a cocksure smile with quite the same debonair flare. He went both bearded and clean shaven throughout the show, but we have to go with bearded Frakes, right after he grew it but before he got all bloated. You know the Frakes we’re talking about. That’s one sumptuous piece of man.

Jonathan Frakes

14. Ashley Judd

Is it cheating to add Ashley Judd, just because she was only in two episodes of Next Generation? Maybe, but who cares? She did a guest spot (her first on screen credit, by the way) in which she acted as a short-lived love interest for Ensign Wesley Crusher, who even got a little from her appearance on the show. Blessedly, there union was brief, because who wants to see Wil Wheaton kiss anybody?

Ashley Judd

13. Avery Brooks

For seven long years, Avery Brooks did his duty as Benjamin Sisko’s sometimes reluctant commander of Deep Space Nine, a space station assigned to the rougher parts of space. Whether he was staring down Cardassian advances or defusing a Ferengi swindle (we’re looking at you, Quark), Sisko was always the sexy stoic that command required.

Avery Brooks

12. Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby’s history with Star Trek: The Next Generation as the Enterprise’s first security office may have been kind of messy, but she was a much enjoyed member of the cast. Unfortunately, after a mere 22 episodes, Crosby decided to leave the show, saying, “I was struggling with not being able to do much with the character. I had all these ideas and couldn’t do them. I was just stage dressing.”

Denise Crosby

11. Scott Bakula

You may have fallen in love with him as the wholesome lead in Quantum Leap, but Scott Bakula really came into his own as the gruff captain of the Enterprise, the Federation’s first expedition into space (150 years before James T. Kirk). He may have the pressure of an entire world on his shoulders, but Jonathan Archer never ceases to smolder as the man in charge of humanity’s first ever journey in the bold unknown.

Scott Bakula

10. Roxann Dawson

Dawson was actually the first actress cast in Star Trek: Voyager after show runners were impressed with her reading for B’Elanna Torres. So, yeah, she was cast for her talent and not for her attractiveness. Torres may have suffered several setbacks and surmounted several hurdles as a half-human half-Klingon born on a colony world, but being homely was never one of them.

Roxann Dawson

9. George Takei

When the original Star Trek aired, George Takei had the tough task of basically representing all of Asia (you know, half the world’s population). Fortunately, Gene Roddenbury picked a guy who was up to the task when he settled on the Japanese-American stud. In his later years, Takei has become an outspoken advocate for the LGBT movement and a social media rock star, but he started things out as the man behind the wheel of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

George Takei

8. Linda Park

When the Enterprise needed to talk to anyone they’d encountered as they journeyed the cosmos, they relied on Linda Park’s Hoshi Sato, linguistic genius. She may have ultimately remained underused in the series (or, at least under rewarded … only an Ensign by the end of her career? Give me a break.), but Park never failed to deliver on the goods.

Linda Park

7. Michael Dorn

Alright, his forehead may have looked like a rhino had sex with a mountain range, but you couldn’t deny that Lieutenant Work was one hot ticket. The U.S.S. Enterprise’s security officer during the Next Generation years, Michael Dorn was one of the rare non-humans on the bridge, and while his species’ mating rituals may have been a total nightmare (so much growling), his typically reserved nature only hinted at the soulful individual underneath.

Michael Dorn

6. Marina Sirtis

Every emotionally reserved man born between 1980 and 1995 had a soft spot for the U.S.S. Enterprise’s counselor, Deanna Troi, the half-human half Betazoid bombshell. As a woman who was able to innately sense human emotions, she was constantly at work on the ship helping resolve the often troubled emotional state of the crew. In no way did the low cut uniform aid in that process.

Deanna Troi

5. Patrick Stewart

Okay, so he may be a short, balding British dude, but that’s just on the surface. Simply close your eyes and listen to his assured baritone for a second and you’ll happily make anything so that Jean-Luc Picard wants you to make. And if the man’s innate attractiveness wasn’t enough, his continued hetero-man-love for X-Men buddy Sir Ian McKellen is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

Patrick Stewart

4. Jeri Ryan

Who would have ever thought that one of the Borg could be quite so smoking? As Seven of Nine, a former Borg drone trying to get back in touch with her human roots, Jeri Ryan served as the foil to Voyager’s Captain Janeway. She was the logical hottie who questioned the captain’s every inquisitive move. Had it been done before? Duh. But the results had never been quite so sultry.

Jeri Ryan

3. William Shatner

Say what you want about his over-dramatic acting skills, but you have to admit that young Kirk was a good looking space dude. His smarmy charm and self-confident swagger certainly worked on most female entities in the galaxy. Was there any episode that he didn’t have a love conquest? However, let his youthful sex appeal be a cautionary tale for women who just go for looks. Since that T.J. Hooker perm, some bad plastic surgery and a few pounds packed on over the years, the stud of yore has transformed into a rather unseemly senior. Hey, he’s 84, so give him a break, but let’s just say it’s his personality more than his appearance that has kept him in the spotlight in recent years.

Captain Kirk William Shatner
William Shatner

2. Jolene Blalock

If you’re going to station someone to basically snoop on an entire ship’s proceedings, you might as well make them easy on the eyes. The resourceful yet reserved Vulcan reporting to the High Command on Star Trek: Enterprise was portrayed by Jolene Blalock, a former model (shock). Of course, the fact that T’Pol was a super emotional Vulcan may have helped her fit in with the rest of the emotionally tumultuous crew. Honestly, did she really need to try and act at all?

Jolene Blalock

1. Nichelle Nichols

The original science fiction sex symbol and one half of TV’s first interracial kiss (the other half was some dude who’d hit on anything in a skirt), Nichols was a core member of the original Star Trek crew playing vital communications officer Lieutenant Uhuru. She actually wanted to quit the show after its first season, until she spoke with a fellow by the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. King commended Nichols for her role, saying that it was representative of where we were headed as a species. When she told MLK that she was leaving the show, he was distraught. Star Trek was one of the rare shows his children were allowed to watch. He told her, “[Don’t] you understand for the first time, we’re seen as we should be seen. You don’t have a black role. You have an equal role.” Also, she looked super hot in a miniskirt, which should never be discounted.

Nichell Nichols

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