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Celebrities know that much of their fame rests on looking good, and looking good often means looking thin. Not everyone is gifted with a naturally thin frame, so some stars go to great lengths to achieve an enviable figure. More often than not, this means a diet with a partial or total ban on carbs. There are some celebrities who wouldn’t mind having carbs, but can’t because of a specific medical conditions. Finally, there are celebs who ditch carbs but replace them with a balanced diet. So, here’s a list of 7 celebrities who eat low or no carb diets.

1. Elle MacPherson’s Alkaline Diet

Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson

MacPherson believes that her beautiful figure is the result of her conscious decision to consume an alkaline diet. In case you’re wondering, the alkaline diet seeks to forge a 80/20 balance between alkaline and acid foods. This is believed (in some circles) to be beneficial to overall health, and of course, building of a good physique. Carbs are organic acids, so they are a strict no no in her diet.

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