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Everything We Need to Know About Kylie Cosmetics

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2. Family Collaborations

It wouldn’t be a KarJenner business venture without getting the entire family involved. Kylie and her big sister, Kim, teamed up for the KKW x Kylie collection. The limited-edition set includes four créme liquid lipsticks that were hand selected by Kim. All four lipsticks are nude shades because that's the color Kim wears on a daily basis. She stated, "I wanted to do all nude shades because that’s really all that I wear. So I have so many different shades of nudes that I wear, so I just wanted to, you know, bring them into our collection."

Despite the colors being a tad bit similar, they were a hit amongst makeup aficionados.

Here’s a promo video of Kim and Kylie promoting the KKW x Kylie collaboration:

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