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In some societies, voluptuous women are considered beautiful while skinny women are considered less attractive. In L.A., however, and the opposite is true. We have models, actresses and TV show hosts taking desperate measures to look stick thin, regardless of what their actual body structure is. Some claim that their frames are naturally geared that way. But some go to extremes of diet and exercise to keep at a size 0. Here are 10 celebrities who are overdoing it and are just too thin.

1. Giuliana Rancic Looks Unhealthy

Giuliana Rancic

The E! News host has an extremely thin figure, almost to the point of looking ill. She insists this is due to her excellent metabolism rather than an extreme diet or overexercise. Given her age and physique, we kind of believe her. We wish she could put some meat on her bones, though.

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