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The constant flow of photoshop-perfected images give us the impression that celebrities’ bodies are the platinum standard as far as human physique is concerned. However, celebrities are people too and can suffer from imperfections just like the rest of us. Some of them succumb to pressure and have their physical deformities rectified, but there are others who happily flaunt their special physical attributes. Here are 13 celebrities who have or had physical deformities, and dealt with them in different ways.

1. Gemma’s Extra Digit Is Not in Her Phone Number

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton -

Gemma Arterton is best known for being a stunning Bond girl. But if she hadn’t gotten her inherent deformity removed while she was a baby, she might have gotten a role on X-Men instead. Gemma was born with an extra finger, which in medical terms is called polydactyly. Her parents didn’t appreciate her bonus digit, and so the doctors tied up her extra finger, drained blood from it and eventually it fell off. Pretty creepy, right?

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