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With different social media apps gaining popularity monthly, it may be hard to learn what’s in and who to follow. We compiled a list of the top ten celebrity Snapchat accounts to follow, an app that allows users to post short video clips. Fans have the ability to get a glimpse into the lavish lives of their favorite stars’ recorded stories. Let us know who you follow on Snapchat below.

1. Ryan Seacrest (Ryanseacrest)

celebrity snapchat accounts
Tinseltown /

Producer and television host Ryan Seacrest has one of the busiest Snapchats around. The king of reality TV provides an intimate behind-the-scenes look into his life, from hitting the red carpets, to interviewing your favorite celebrities. Stay in the know with all of the latest celebrity news by following Seacrest’s account.

Celebrity Snapchat Accounts

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