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Though it just wrapped up an acclaimed second season, fans of HBO comedy series Insecure are already clamoring for more. Fortunately, they’ll get it. Halfway through the series’ sophomore season, HBO brass picked up Insecure for another year, and for darn good reason. The day-to-day happenings of a black girl living in South Los Angeles is equal parts insightful and gut busting. If you haven’t signed up for Issa Dee’s adventures in adulthood, then you’re missing out on one of the freshest, smartest comedies on television. Here are ten reasons you absolutely need to be watching HBO’s Insecure.

1. The Showrunner, Prentice Penny, Has Real Cred

The man who runs the day-to-day business of Insecure is Prentice Penny, a guy with real chops in the sitcom industry. Penny has helped produce or write for Scrubs, Happy Endings, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. His spot at the driver’s wheel is well-earned.


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