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One of the most shocking victims of the fallout from Harvey Weinstein’s bad behavior is host of CBS’ Late Late Show, James Corden. The charming British singer and actor has found himself in the crosshairs for making several very poorly timed jokes at the expense of the ousted Hollywood producer. Whether you thought Corden’s amFar speech was funny or not (and most didn’t), it would be a shame if your entire body of knowledge about this multi-talented performer began and ended at some really dumb jokes he made at a benefit dinner. There’s a lot to know about this London native who’s been delighting audiences for two decades.

1. He’s Been Going for the Laughs Since He Was a Child

Corden once recalled his first memory of getting a few laughs. It was an addiction from the beginning: “I was three and it was during my younger sister’s christening and I was lifted up to stand on a chair so I could see. I looked out at the congregation of about thirty or forty people, but to me it seemed like thousands. And I started to do little dances on the chair and pull faces and turn around under my legs – and everyone burst out laughing. Even the vicar was laughing. And I can vividly remember something clicked and thinking, This feels amazing!”


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