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For a musical artist to get elevated into the stratosphere, they have to crank out at least one good song, something that stands out from the crowd and hooks the ears of fans spanning musical genres. For a lot of music listeners, entire bands and genres are defined by single songs. Of course, defining a musical artist by an individual effort is silly, and a lot of musicians would tell you as much without provocation. You would be utterly amazed at the artists who totally revile some of their past (most popular) efforts. Whether they’ve moved on artistically, or they’re just tired of hearing the notes over and over again, the reasons are plentiful. Not sure if your favorite song or artist is on the list? Here are some of the most popular songs in music history that their artists simply can’t stand anymore.

1. Beastie Boys

The coolest white rappers in history resent one of their earliest hits, “Fight for Your Right (to Party).” The band has gotten irritated with the song’s success because the tune’s biggest fans are the meatheads who miss the satire intended in the lyrics. “Fight for your Right” has become a huge party anthem, which is the exact opposite of the Beastie Boys’ intent.


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