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15 Academy Award-Nominated Great Films That Didn’t Win a Single Oscar

Sometimes the academy gets it right, and other times they get things terribly wrong. A few of the most iconic, legendary films have received the honor of being nominated for an Oscar, but surprisingly, they were snubbed in each and every category. Here are 15 films that failed to capture the hearts of the Academy Award judges.

1. Easy Rider

This 1969 film garnered a Best Actor In a Supporting Role nomination for Jack Nicholson, as well as a Best Original Screenplay nod. Many believed the documentary-style biker film that centered around the hippie movement was deserving of taking home both awards. But sadly, the Academy wasn’t too impressed by this counterculture film about America’s psychedelic communal lifestyle.


2. A Clockwork Orange

Director Stanley Kubrick has been nominated for an Oscar 13 times throughout his career. Strangely enough, he has only taken home one win: The Best Visual Effects award for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. A Clockwork Orange is another one of his movies that failed to take home any awards back in 1972 despite its critical acclaim.

It’s no secret the Academy isn’t too hip to what younger generations find appealing. And in the ’70s, a film like A Clockwork Orange – with its graphic violence and group of droogs who took part in a crime spree – obviously wasn’t their cup of tea.

A Clockwork Orange

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