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3. Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson – ‘Modern Family’

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s on-screen chemistry is so convincing, many people don’t realize they’re not actually a couple in real life. In fact, Stonestreet is heterosexual and Ferguson is openly gay. These two awesome actors have built a rapport with each other off-screen which has allowed them to become the comfortable, giggly and adorable married couple that have been lighting up the small screen since the show premiered. Even during the show’s first season, when viewers were outraged that the couple never shared an on-screen kiss, their lack of PDA didn’t take away from the fact that the love between these two characters was very much apparent.

eric stonestreet jesse tyler ferguson

4. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson – ‘The O.C.’

Teenage love had us all feening for our high school sweethearts while watching Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson interact on The O.C. It was their loving, innocent and adorable romance that had many of us convinced that these two were definitely hooking up after the director yelled “cut!” And it wasn’t long before their on-screen chemistry led to an off-screen romance. Although their real-life relationship didn’t last, the chemistry they portrayed on the series never faltered.

rachel bilson adam brody

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