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There’s a lot of pressure on the stars to maintain a fresh, young, attractive appearance. A little bit of enhancement or maintenance work is almost to be expected in Hollywood these days. However, not all procedures produce positive results. Some famous faces have gone overboard with the nips and tucks and look almost unrecognizable. Others have had botched jobs that have made them look freaky. Some of these people should have left well enough alone and no doubt regret going under the knife. Here are 10 cases of bad celebrity plastic surgery as a cautionary tale for the rest of us.

1. Priscilla Presley

Presley was a stunner in her youth, and probably would have continued to be beautiful if she just aged gracefully. Sadly, she fell to the pressures to preserve a youthful appearance and it backfired on her. She had Botox, fillers and chin implant work done by Daniel Serrano, an apparently bogus doctor who was later jailed for illegal surgeries. Poor Pricilla hasn’t looked normal since. What would Elvis think of her now distorted face?

priscilla presley
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