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Love them or hate, them the Kardashian’s are truly one of kind, and there are just some undebatable facts about the family. Just being in their aura seems to bring men down after a while. Interestingly, the women seen quite loving, supportive, and close to one another, but anytime a man comes into the picture there seems to be drama at best to full on scandal at worst. No boys allowed? Here are some (just some) of the men who have been destroyed by the Kardashian Kurse.

1. Ray J

Let’s be honest, without Ray J there might be no Kardashians to keep up with. The singer, of course, was the then-boyfriend of Kim who co starred in her sex tape that launched it all. But while Kim managed to parlay a career from it, Ray J did not. Sure, he got a reality show, but the general public was just not that interested in the guy’s story. His music career hasn’t advanced much since then either.

Ray J
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