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We hate to admit it and certainly don’t condone it, but sometimes being naughty pays. These bad girls had affairs with famous married men, and then parlayed their notoriety into upward mobility. Check out the following celebrity mistresses who somehow profited from their illicit hook-up, either financially, fame-wise or even snagging the man. Some have become quite wealthy due to their brush with a cheating star.

1. Carla Bruni

Singer/model Carla Bruni went from shady mistress to presidential spouse. Although French leaders are notorious for having affairs, President Nicolas Sarkozy was divorced when he hooked up with his now wife. However, Bruni did rise to international fame as mistress to serial philanderer Mick Jagger, who carried on with her throughout his marriage to Jerry Hall.

President Nicolas Sarkozy Of France And His Wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
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