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11 Hollywood Stars Who Are Estranged From Their Families

Many celebrities have family members who try to capitalize on their fame once they’ve climbed the ranks in Hollywood. This is very disheartening for stars who feel that their family is just using them for profit. Many of these familial relationships end sourly because of this. Here are 11 A-list stars who are estranged from their families because of situations like this or due to abandonment at a young age.

1. Madonna

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You would never guess that billionaire pop star, Madonna, has immediate family members who are homeless. But the superstar, who’s fame has spanned three decades and is currently worth an estimated $1 billion, has a brother who has been living on the Michigan streets. Madonna admits that she was never close with many of her siblings and some of them have suffered from substance abuse. Madonna’s oldest brother, Anthony Ciccone, has been on the streets for almost four years and says his superstar sister doesn’t care if he lives or dies. Anthony is a suffering alcoholic who doesn’t want to get help. Madonna claims that she would help him into rehab if he let her.

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