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10 Actors’ Confessions on the Hated Roles That Made Them Famous

Many young actors dream about catching their “big break” in Hollywood. However, not all stars are proud of the performances that first made them famous. Some actually regret starring in those films altogether. These are ten actors’ confessions on the hated roles that gained them recognition in Tinseltown. Do you think any of these famous actors should be ashamed of their breakout roles?

1. Christian Bale

Christian Bale could never be disappointed by his portrayal of serial killer Patrick Bateman in the psychological thriller American Psycho. But it wasn’t his 2000 film role that he regrets. Bale wishes he never appeared as Jack Kelly in the early 90s musical Newsies. Bale stated that at age 17, he wanted to be “taken seriously.” He felt that starring in a musical wasn’t good for his reputation. The Batman star dramatically stated that “time healed the wounds” but the process “took a while.”

christian bale
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