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You gotta love a good vampire movie, especially around Halloween. Of course by vampire we mean real, dark, gritty vampires. Real vampires don’t go on dates, don’t save the world and definitely don’t sparkle. They are not good guys. You don’t root for them to win. They are predators, and people are their food. If they look seductive sometimes, it’s not because they want a relationship with you. It’s because they want to get closer so they can eat you. Here’s our compilation of the best blood soaked, horror filled vampire movies of all time. Sorry, Twilight fans, that flick doesn’t make the list.

30 Days of Night (2007)

All monster, no seduction here. Except for sunlight, the vampires in this story are almost impossible to take down. A group of them finds a small isolated town in northern Alaska where the sun doesn’t shine for 30 days in winter in which to stage an unstoppable slaughter. It is rare to find a vampire story where large groups of them collaborate and coordinate to create such mass mayhem.

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