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Get ready to scream – again. The horror genre is ripe with do-over material, and there are plenty of popular slasher flicks and psychological thrillers in the reboot pipeline. Even if you’ve already seen the original, Hollywood continues to recycle old successes with a fresh cast, new special effects and modern twists to get your spine tingling once more. Check out these classic chillers that are being resurrected and should be out in theaters in the near future. Are any of your faves on the list? Or are you a purest who feels they shouldn’t try to mess with the original?

1. Frankenstein

We don’t have to wait long for a few new reinterpretations of this quintessential monster tale. Victor Frankenstein will be released on November 27, a retelling Mary Shelly’s Gothic novel from the perspective of Igor. Everybody’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe), will play the assistant sidekick to James McAvoy’s Dr. Frankenstein. This Igor may not be hunchbacked, but he is dark, troubled and brooding. Yet another Frankenstein movie adaptation will follow shortly, this time set in modern-day LA and told from the eyes of the monster, who is pieced together from organic 3-D printer parts (spoiler alert: things go horribly wrong). Danny Huston and Carrie-Ann Moss star as Dr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, while Xavier Samuel plays the cobbled-together monster-man, Adam.

Frankenstein Monter
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