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These are the most expensive movies ever made. Many of the high costs can be explained by the use of special effects like CGI animation and high-resolution IMAX cameras. But you must also take into account A-List salaries, especially with multi-film series like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. Would you believe that Daniel Radcliffe was paid $50 million for the last two HP films? Click through and let us know your thoughts/comments on movie costs below.

10. The Dark Knight Rises – $230 Million

The 2012 film starring Christian Bale reportedly cost so much to make because of the equipment its director Christopher Nolan preferred to use. The entire movie was filmed using IMAX cameras, the highest-resolution cameras in the world. The on-location filming across countries like the UK, USA, Italy and India also added to the film’s high budget.

the dark knight
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9. Avatar – $237 Million

James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi film had such a high budget because the production team had to invent a load of new 3D technology to actually be able to film the way Cameron wanted to. The 3D cameras and other equipment used for the movie had never been used before, and so had to be built from scratch. Some rumors report that the blockbuster cost $500 million to make and that the production team roped private equity partners into paying for 60 percent of the movie’s budget, but that rumor has never been confirmed.

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