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It’s totally understandable if you hear the word “remake” or “reboot” and you get a little squeamish. After all, why is it necessary that Hollywood put so much faith in established brands? Shouldn’t they be using their financial largess to experiment with the medium that made them rich, pushing it forward and upward with new ideas? If only that were possible. The sheer fact of the matter is that as much as fans complain, usually a reboot is a safe million-dollar bet for most studios. It’s not all bad though. Sometimes, an old idea in the hands of a talented actor, writer, or director can be revitalized and reimagined in untold ways. If you need proof that there truly is such a thing as a great remake or reboot, just check out this list of goodies.

11. The Thing (1982)

Director John Carpenter’s most captivating (and disturbing) film is an adaptation of John W. Campbell’s short novel Who Goes There?, which had been previously adapted into legendary filmmaker Howard Hawks’ 1951 The Thing From Another World. Carpenter’s take sees Kurt Russell, Keith David, and a host of talented players who are infiltrated by an alien being who’s picking the crew off one by one, disguised as one of their own. Tense writing and some truly horrible moments make The Thing a fantastic horror flick from start to finish.

The Thing

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