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In 1975, Richard O’Brien and Jim Sharman practically invented the cult classic when they released their off-kilter, sexually adventurous, and utterly daring musical comedy The Rocky Horror Picture Show, an adaptation of O’Brien’s musical. It’s the story of two unwitting people who stumble upon a meeting of the most delightfully odd assortment of characters ever assembled. Led by a magnetic Tim Curry, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an hour and a half of rocking songs and lusty narrative. If you’ve never let yourself go and danced along to the rock oddity that is this transvestite-filled musical, here’s your crash course.

1. It’s Always Playing Somewhere

Since its theatrical release in 1975, the popularity of The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been so consistent that it’s actually earned the record for the longest theatrical release in film history. Thanks to plenty of midnight showings and second run showings arranged by the film’s fanbase, you can always find someone, somewhere doing the “Time Warp.”


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