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17 Things You Never Knew About the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in film history, which makes it hard to imagine what went down during its more humble beginnings. The latest installment, The Force Awakens, has already surpassed Titanic at the domestic box office (chances are it will soon beat Avatar’s record), and has already raked in an astounding $1.3 billion globally. But way back in the 1970s, nobody had a clue what a cultural juggernaut it would be. Here are some of facts that you probably didn’t know about the original Star Wars trilogy.

1. Luke and Leia Didn’t Always Use Stunt Doubles

Stunt doubles weren’t used in the scene where Luke and Leia swing to safety across the Death Star chasm. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill performed that swashbuckling feat themselves in just one take.

Luke and Leia swing across the chasm

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