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On last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart made a surprise appearance to lend his former Daily Show correspondent a helping hand to discuss the “Trump doctrine.”


“Hello, Donald. It’s me, the guy you made sure everyone knew was Jewish on Twitter,” Stewart began. “I know you’re upset about all the criticism you’ve been taking with the fake news and the fake late-night shows. It’s just that we’re all still having a hard time adjusting to your presidency as it goes into its 500th year.”

During the Late Show segment, Stewart did not pull a single punch. “You’re redoing the post-world alliances, only this time we’re with the Axis powers,” he commented. The former late night host also remarked on how President Trump is determined to divide this nation, rather than unite it.

“No matter what you do, it always comes back with an extra layer of gleeful cruelty and dick-ishness,” Stewart asserted. “It’s not just that you don’t want people taking a knee. It’s that they’re sons of bitches if they do. It’s not just denying women who accuse you of sexual assault. It’s saying they’re too ugly anyway. You can’t just be against the media. They’re enemies of the people.”

Stewart did not stop there. He also addressed the president about his unpopular immigration policy.

“Which brings us to immigration. Boy you f***ed that up,” exclaimed Stewart. “It’s the example of the Trump doctrine. Donald, you could’ve made a more stringent border policy that would’ve made your point about enforcement. But I guess it wouldn’t have felt right without a Dickensian level of villainy.”

Ending his eloquent rant about the current presidential administration, Stewart reminded viewers, “What Donald Trump wants is not for us to stop calling his cruelty, and fear, and divisiveness wrong. But to join him in calling it right. This we will not do. By not yielding we will prevail.”

After more than 18 months under the Trump regime, Stewart is the no-holds-barred voice this country needs. While Trevor Noah does an outstanding job hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Stewart was the voice of a generation that refused to be bullied by either political party and be silenced by intimidating figures. This world needs more Jon Stewart in it.



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