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Amber Tamblyn has written another essay on the recent sexual assault conversations, this time titling the New York Times piece “I’m Not Ready for the Redemption of Men.” The article was inspired by a recent conversation that took place between some of Tamblyn’s friends.


Tamblyn detailed the conversation, explaining that her friends were disagreeing over whether there are different levels of sexual harassment and assault as far as punishments go. In this example, they were discussing that Louis C.K.’s allegations weren’t as bad as Harvey Weinstein’s, so should there be different punishments. The woman in the conversations said that the punishment should be the same. The man suggested considering the concept of redemption, which is where the article title came from. Tamblyn pointed out that the concept is a little premature given that women have always had to endure adversity.

“Why are we talking about the redemption of men when we are right in the middle of the salvation of women? Not even the middle, but the very beginning? I’m not talking about banishment. I’m talking about ceding the floor. The power of celebrity and cultural approval must disappear for the time being so that all women see and believe that consequences do exist.”

Tamblyn went on to suggest that of course redemption can occur, but that people have to acknowledge the lines drawn and make amends. The actress previously wrote an op-ed asking that more women speak out about sexual harassment and assault, and she also supported the woman who accused comedian David Cross of racist comments. Cross is Tamblyn’s husband. She clearly recognizes how important it is that people have the freedom and respect to speak their truths no matter what the circumstance might be.



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