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Blake Shelton is releasing a clothing line and he wants his girlfriend Gwen Stefani to wear it. BS by Blake Shelton is a men’s line, featuring items such as button-ups, vests, and jackets.


Blake thinks that the line is great and jokes that “you’re an idiot if you don’t buy this stuff.” He modeled the line himself, which he says is proof that he stands behind the product because he doesn’t like to do photo shoots.

Blake tends to favor the straightforward style in his personal life and thinks other people will like to wear it as well. All of the basic tops pair well with jeans and can go from work to church as he sees it. Blake was asked whether Gwen might be wearing some of his clothes, and he seemed pretty interested in the possibility.

“When you’re Gwen you don’t call dibs, you just go get what you want. You know? So she’s welcome to anything in my closet. I think some of those plaid shirts she will look really cute in. Hopefully it’s my plaid shirt that she puts on and just the plaid shirt. You know what I’m talking about?”



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