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Cardi B Just Found Out That Childish Gambino and Donald Glover Are the Same Person

Cardi B apparently just found out that Childish Gambino and actor Donald Glover are the same person. There has been a significant amount of confusion about this fact in the past, so she’s certainly not the only one with questions. Cardi B posted a now-deleted tweet expressing surprise over how much the two stars look alike.


It’s not totally clear whether she was kidding or not, but it seemed like not. She followed that tweet with one expressing her confusion, and then deleted all of it.

Glover is known for his roles in shows like 30 Rock and Community and films such as Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Martian. He also writes, directs, and stars in the critically acclaimed TV show Atlanta. As a musician, Childish Gambino has won various Grammy awards. He tends to make culturally thought provoking pieces, such as his recent music video for “This is America.”

The internet certainly had a lot to say about Cardi B’s recent confusion over Donald Glover, but it’s a topic that’s been discussed often. Some people mention the first time they figure it out:

Other people have their own conspiracy theories, such as the possibility that the very busy creative is actually a set of twins.

The confusion can mostly be explained by the fact that Childish Gambino is an alter ego, so he hasn’t gone out of his way to join the two identities. However, both acts are in fact the same individual person.



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