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Chris Brown has won a custody battle against his daughter’s mother Nia Guzman. Royalty was born a year ago to 27-year-old Chris and 33-year-old Nia, and the two were not in a relationship. Nia had been claiming that Chris was unfit to be a parent to their child, and wanted to reduce Chris’ contact with her as well as asked for a monitor during their visits.


The court however ruled in Chris’ favor and against her claims that his drug use and gang affiliation was unfit for parenting. Instead the two will continue to share joint legal and physical custody of the child. The current rulings state that Chris gets 12 days a month with Royalty and that their visits are not monitored.

Nia is also trying to increase her child support payments from $2,500 a month to $16,000 a month, and also claims that she hasn’t been trying to keep the child away from Chris at all.

Nia posted a long Instagram rant about the situation, which started out:

“#LIES! There is no big victory when it comes to children. I never I REPEAT NEVER wanted or have tried to take our child away! And NEVER WILL. All that was asked is a set NANNY in place. IN WHICH WE BOTH WOULD of agreed upon. I went for this because ONE individual VERY close to the situation advised me MOTHER TO MOTHER. That I needed monitors and drug testing and random house visits.”

Whatever has taken place, it sounds like a win for Chris who has had his share of trouble with the law in the past.



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