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Danny Masterson has been let go from his role on The Ranch following rape allegations. Netflix released a statement on Tuesday explaining that the show would continue on without his presence.


“As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch. Yesterday was his last day on the show, and production will resume in early 2018 without him.”

Danny has since responded with disappointment, claiming that he has never committed a crime and that he does not agree with the decision to fire him. The three different rape allegations came about in March, but Netflix did not make any moves until now. Part of the reason seems to be that one of the alleged victims just released another story about the allegation, in which she got Netflix executive Andy Yeatman to say that he didn’t believe the allegations. After that, she revealed that she was one of the victims.

Netflix responded against what Yeatman said, saying that his words were “careless, uninformed, and do not represent the views of the company. We are aware of the allegations against Danny Masterson and we are following the current investigation, and will respond if developments occur.”

It not clear if there were any other developments in the case besides the added talk about it, but either way, Masterson is now off the show. Masterson was starring alongside his That 70’s Show alum Ashton Kutcher, as well as Debra Winger and Sam Elliott. The show is currently on its second season and has been renewed for 20 episodes of a third season, ten of which Masterson has already shot. The actor might still appear in those episodes.



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