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Did Sony and Disney Plant Hints of the ‘Silk’ Movie in Two Films?

Amy Pascal announced on Friday that Sony would move forward with a Silk solo pic. The Korean-American superhero will serve as a counterpart to Spider-Man in the studio’s growing Spider-verse. The news of a Silk solo picture has some eagle-eyed fans wondering how long the film has been in the works.


After all, Silk’s secret identity, high schooler Cindy Moon, has already appeared in two MCU movies. Played by actor Tiffany Espensen, Cindy can be spotted in both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War. There she is on the far left in Homecoming when Peter returns to the Quiz Bowl team:


Cindy Moon’s presence in the Spider-verse (and her loose attachment to the MCU) would seem to put Tiffany Espensen in the front of the pack as Sony gears up to begin casting a standalone Silk film. The fact that Espensen has Disney-kid cred could also find her a much more likely candidate for the role.

Hell, I hope she gets it just for continuity’s sake.

For those unfamiliar with Silk, you can think of the Korean-American hero as a kind-of riff on Spider-Man. She swings and shoots web (but out of her fingertips), she has a photographic memory, her Spider-Sense makes Peter’s look amateurish by comparison, and while she’s not as strong as Spider-Man, she could run circles around the hero.

Plot details and release date are being kept under wraps.



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