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Elastigirl is Front and Center in the New Trailer for ‘Incredibles 2’

It’s been 14 years since audiences were able to hang out with the Parr family. In 2004, the super-powered quintet forced to keep their abilities undercover made the world believe in superheroes four years before Tony Stark strapped on his armor. Today, audiences got their first full-length glimpse at the crime-fighting family courtesy of the newest trailer for Incredibles 2.


Audiences are finally getting another adventure with the Incredibles, but this time around it’ll be Elastigirl, not Mr. Incredible, who suits up. The brand new trailer is filled with action-packed set pieces featuring the Parr family mom, Helen, stretching and bending her way to justice. The film’s comedy elements come from family pop, Bob (aka, Mr. Incredible), who is doing his best Mr. Mom impression as a flustered stay-at-home dad.

Sure, we didn’t really need a second Incredibles movie — the first one was a family-friendly delight. Judging from the moments we’re treated to in the trailer, it seems that writer-director Brad Bird hasn’t lost a step in the decade and a half since the Incredibles stepped onto the battlefield.

In addition to Helen and Bob (voiced by Helen Hunt and Craig T. Nelson), the entire original voice cast has returned (minus Jason Lee, but he got blown up, so that absence is excusable). Expect a whole lot of quippy family fun when Incredibles 2 releases on June 15.



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