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Some of Eric Trump’s Charity Money Has Been Going to Donald Trump

The Eric Trump Foundation claims to donate 95 to 100 percent of its money, but an analysis about where the money is actually going seems to have shown that the charity is spending some of its money on its charity events…which are held at Donald Trump owned clubs.


The report suggests that as much as $100,000 in 2013 and $88,000 in 2014 went directly to Donald Trump. In total there was $881,779 spent on fundraising events that were held at Trump golf courses.

While this choice is not an illegal one, it can be considered unethical when the charity is not disclosing where the money is going. Donors of course want to have an accurate idea of where their money is going, and in this case they did not.

Overall Eric’s charity has made $6.5 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and operates with almost no overhead. Eric does not pay himself with any of the money, nor does he pay his board members. The foundation runs off of volunteers from the Trump Organization instead.



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