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For seven stupid, glorious seasons, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and their mostly off-screen collaborator Kyle Newacheck breathed new life into the bro comedy genre with Game Over, Man!. The Comedy Central series ended last March, but that doesn’t mean the band is breaking up; on Friday, March 23, Netflix released Game Over, Man!, an action comedy from the entire Game Over, Man! crew, and it’s fair to say that these idiots haven’t lost their skill for innovative low-brow comedy.

Game Over, Man! stars Devine, Holm, and Anderson as the world’s worst hotel housekeepers. After being forced to work as waiters at a high-profile party at the hotel, the trio finds themselves running around unsupervised after a hostage situation erupts on the roof. Indeed, the overall story behind Game Over, Man! is blatantly inspired by Game Over, Man! (and holds few surprises), but the moment-to-moment hijinks in the movie are great, provided you’re not looking for something super smart.

Unfortunately, most established film critics failed to find much to love in the movie. It’s being described as “grotesque” and “offensive.” That much is true, but what more do people expect from the group, especially when Game Over, Man! is the first time the team has been all together in an R-rated scenario. There are gags in the movie that border on bad taste, but that’s the kind of comedy these guys do.

Like Workaholics, Game Over, Man! finds itself doing new things in comfortable territory. The movie may not be pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, but the jokes are fresh, the writing is solid, and — believe it or not — there’s even some decent character development.

With the movie getting ravaged by critics, Game Over, Man! probably isn’t going to end up doing a whole lot for the Workaholics team, but fans of the comedy team may find themselves enjoying everything Game Over, Man! has to offer.

You can check out Game Over, Man! right now on Netflix.

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