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Halle Berry has spoken out about her new movie Kidnap and admitted that she can relate to her character in the thriller.


“In Kidnap, I play a mother, Karla Dyson, and the unthinkable happens to this mother… She sees her child snatched right in front of her, too close to do anything about it. Like every red-blooded mother, or parent, she just starts moving off instinct, chases this car, and just proves not to stop.”

While Halle has not had the exact same experience (luckily), she does recall a time when she thought she lost her then two-year-old daughter Nahla in a department store.

“It was one of the worst moments of my life. I was looking at a price tag, and she was there, and then all of a sudden she wasn’t. It’s just sheer terror when your child is gone … And I’m like, ‘Awww! Stop! Shut the doors!’ I’m like, ‘Everybody stop! My kid’s gone.’ They shut the doors. And there she was, a foot away from me, under the turnstile. That’s when your heart stops as a mom.”



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