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Ivanka Trump apparently had a pretty strong punk phase. This fact was shared by Ivanka herself in her mother’s new memoir Raising Trump.


“I was really into Nirvana. My wardrobe consisted of ripped corduroy jeans and flannel shirts. One day after school, I dyed my hair blue. She took one look at me and immediately went out to the nearest drugstore to buy a $10 box of Nice’n Easy.”

Ivanka also went on to detail the fact that she has a really hard time when Kurt Cobain died.

“It was a shock and I was distraught. Mom had no idea who Kurt Cobain was, and she sympathized only so much. After twenty-four hours of my crying inconsolably in my room, alone—major melodrama—Mom had to pull me out of there to go down to dinner.”

The memoir also that the name Ivanka is actually just a nickname for Ivana, the name which she shares with her mother.



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