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Jessica Alba’s the Honest Company continues to be hit with lawsuits, but the actress and business one is confident that they are all baseless. She explained that she can see how she would be an easy target in the market.


“If an organization wants to bring awareness to their cause, I’m an easy target and our brand is an easy target, obviously, because I get different kind of attention than other brands would. It’s just sort of what happens.”

She went on to say that “there’s no merit behind any of it,” and that the company stands “by our ingredients, the effectiveness of the products, and we’re pretty optimistic that we’re going to win every case.”

The Honest Company is currently worth $1.7 billion, and just recently expanded into launching a line of salon quality haircare products. She doesn’t think that the haters are negatively affecting her business at all.

“If anything, it gives our customers an opportunity to speak out and get behind us, and we’ve grown tremendously over the last four and a half years. We’ve had a really positive effect on so many people’s lives, and it’s a dream come true because that’s all I really wanted.”



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