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Over the last four years, comedian Jim Carrey has been very selective about his work. After Dumb and Dumber To, the famed actor has largely withdrawn from film, only appearing in a handful of small parts in indie movies (anybody check out The Bad Batch? No?). In spite of the fact that Carrey has taken a little break from the comedy scene, he’s still channeled his talent into a variety of creative endeavors, most notably his painting.


The actor has taken to posting politically-charged paintings on his Twitter feed ( For the most part, the actor’s contribution to the art world has gone largely unspoken. Until March 17, when a portrait of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders drew international headlines.

Even as the Republican Party rushed to excoriate the comedian, Carrey remained stalwart. Two days later, on March 19, the Carrey published a new painting.

Since then, Carrey has tweeted a new painting every day or two, each one focusing on a humiliating portrait of a Trump administration official.

There’s Jared Kushner:

Carrey’s response to the Stormy Daniels appearance on 60 Minutes:

Gun rights lobbyist Wayne LaPierre:

And — as of March 29 — there was Carrey’s official submission to the Smithsonian Art Gallery.

These portraits may not be tasteful, but they’re undeniably hilarious provided you’re not one of those silly people who believes that Trump and his cronies deserve respect.

Jim Carrey has long been public about his staunch political beliefs — he disowned his performance in 2013’s Kick Ass 2 because of the excessive violence — so, his Trump-themed extra-curricular activities should come as little surprise. What is surprising is the right’s continued propensity to get sucked into these battles again and again. Of course, that’s the other half of the fun, isn’t it?



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